While some residential  customers try to remodel their own kitchen they need to consider a couple crucial details for remodeling to avoid the damage and cost to be more than a professional company handles in the first place. Some of the subjects to consider for self remodeling are Leveling wall Kitchen cabinets along with the proper way of installation to carry the load (plates or other stored materials would be heavy to load; improper way to install caused it to be fall and injure someone in long time which is dangerous), Plumbing Connections (it may cause leaks or flooding if it uninstall properly and it may cause more financial damage. Insurance does not cover the expenses for unlicensed remodeled projects), Tile leveling and installation ( it may cause a cutting or stain collecting if tiling or grouting is not done right way), Countertop requires properly installed cabinets (if the cabinets are improperly installed, slope of the countertop may cause a problem in long run and ruin the floor, or even unevenly install cabinets may cause countertop to be install un-aesthetically and it may ruin the overall look).