Kitchen remodel ideas 2023

Natural colors in cabinet colors, along with counter tops are still trending. While green and blue cabinets are still trending white shaker cabinets are still keeping its popularity among the customers. Marble backsplash tiles are very popular among wall tiles when people consider them to have elegant looks in their kitchens. White and gray [...]

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What is considered a major kitchen remodel?

Removing walls, replacing flooring, relocation of the appliances or sinks, removing soffits, replacing windows or doors are some of the items that require more labor and materials to consider Major renovation. If it is only replacing cabinets and countertops then it may be considered a mediocre kitchen remodeling project in most cases.

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What should I consider when remodeling a kitchen?

The first think to consider before starting the remodeling Kitchen process is deciding about the new layout. If you are not happy with the Kitchen layout it would be a great time to make changes before getting the quote since there would be relocation cost associated with the changes. After deciding about the new layout, [...]

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Do you need a permit to remodel a kitchen in Maryland?

Remodelers or contractors have to have MHIC (Maryland Home Improvement Commission) License in order to make any alteration.  Below list are some of the remodel tasks they may require a permit in Maryland: Altering drywalls. Building new walls or demolishing old drywall, you need a building permit in Maryland. Most of the Electrical work involving [...]

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