Remodelers or contractors have to have MHIC (Maryland Home Improvement Commission) License in order to make any alteration.

 Below list are some of the remodel tasks they may require a permit in Maryland:

Altering drywalls. Building new walls or demolishing old drywall, you need a building permit in Maryland.

Most of the Electrical work involving alteration, installing, reconstructing, relocating or repairing electrical components in your kitchen require an electrical permit in Maryland. New Light installation or/and new ceiling fans installation including.

Updating old outlets with new ones. If your home is older, you may need to update the electrical outlet system. Under current building codes, kitchens must have a certain number of GFCI outlets that require a certain distance between. Once you start replacing the old outlets with new one then you need to follow new codes and it requires an Electric permit.

Any type of water or gas plumbing work requires a permit as well. Blueprints that call for you to install, reconstruct, repair, or otherwise alter any ventilation, plumbing, or gas work will demand a mechanical permit. Examples of this would be relocation of your sink drain or repairing your air-conditioning system.