Answering the question of the cost of Kitchen Remodeling is kind of tricky. While some contractors use some old tricks in order to pull customers’ attention, they offer very low prices while providing low quality materials and shortcuts in construction. In order to maintain their low cost, they offer low quality particle board structure or MDF structure Cabinets along with builder grade materials. They limit the granite countertop selections and also they ask some of the materials to be purchased by the customer himself.

Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

10 ft by 10ft Kitchen considers small kitchen and remodeling and this size of a kitchen with decent quality stock cabinets cost customers around $15,000-$20,000 in Maryland. This price includes granite or level 1-2 quartz countertop up to 35 sq ft along with 10-15 base and wall cabinets in total, paint and sink, faucet and appliances connections. etc. Depending on the quality of cabinets and additional items in the quote such as wall removal, backsplash tile installation, Electrical connection or outlet relocation..etc would change the total cost. Every item you add or remove in the quote would change the price $500-$1000.

Please don’t forget; Every addition you would ask for would increase the price since it adds up on labor cost along with material and other expenses. For more detailed pricing or receiving a quote you can either send us an email via with your project details to get a ballpark or call us to schedule a Free in-home estimate consultation via (443) 290 9595.

Kitchen Remodeling in MarylandKitchen Remodeling in Maryland